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How To Spot The Fuckboy Game (Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboi)


Douchebags come in every color, shape, and size, but few are ever quite as colorful as fuckboys. These manipulative, deceitful a**holes are the bane of every self-respecting woman’s existence.

Knowing how to recognize them is the first step to saying «Hell no!» next time one tries to lure you into his game.


What is a Fuckboy?

(Sometimes spelled as ”fuckboi” or ”fuck boy”)

The Urban Dictionary classifies fuckboy as an ”asshole boy who is into strictly sexual relationships”.

Dictionary.com’s fuckboy definition as ”a guy who doesn’t respect women, yet relies on them heavily. He’s distant, self-absorbed, doesn’t care about other people’s time, won’t commit and is never looking for anything serious relationship-wise”.

Slate calls fuckboys, ”young men who sleep with women without any intention of having a relationship with them or perhaps even walking them to the door post-sex. Womanizers, especially callous ones, as well as kind of a loser.”

As you can see, NOT the sort of guy you’re looking for!

To sum them up: fuckboys are users who will only value you for as long as you give them what they want, late-night booty calls, rides, or validation of their frail ego.



Signs You’re Dating a Fuckboy

Not sure if that guy you’re dating is for real or just yanking you around like a grade-A fuckboy? Here are a few sure-fire signs that guy is fuckboi to the max:

  • His haircut.
    The fuckboy haircut is easy to spot a mile away: shaved sides with a fade, with extra length on the top (bonus douchebag points for a topknot or man bun). There are lots of decent guys that sport a fuckboy haircut, but anyone who flaunts this style should immediately send up warning flags in your mind!
  • The way he makes plans.
    More like, the way he initiates plans («Hey, wanna hang out?») to make it seem like he’s interested in you, but never actually follows through. That way, he’s getting you to chase after him to make the plans actually happen, giving him all the power. If he says things like «Let me know when you’re free» or «We should hang out» and doesn’t pursue it further, that bitch fuckboy is baiting you!
  • His lack of straight answers.
    Ask him if he’s seeing anyone, and he’ll never answer with a straight-up «yes» or «no». Instead, he’ll hit you with «Don’t worry about that» or «Would I do that to you?» When you reach out to set up a meet or hang out, he’ll never give you a concrete answer. Instead, his go-to will always be «Keep me posted» or «Let’s do it» without ever committing.
  • His texting.
    How many guys actually spend all day shooting texts back and forth with other guys? The answer: few to none. But if your guy’s on the phone throughout the day hammering out those texts, he’s probably secretly texting with another girl and setting things up for after he’s done with his «obligation» to hang with you. If you even think about reading his texts, he loses his s**t and starts ranting about lack of trust and boundaries—all things designed to make you feel bad and help him hide his hustle.


  • His disappearing act.
    If that boy pulls a Houdini on you for a few days at a time then reappears with no explanation of where he’s been or what he’s been up to, chances are he’s been messing around. Either he’s got a piece on the side, or he thinks of you as the side piece—he’s just too much of a fuckboy to tell you straight up.
  • His way with other guys.
    No guy wants to see another dude hitting on his girl, but that fuckboy may not care as much as he ought to. See how he reacts when other guys flirt with you. If his attitude is less «I’m secure in my masculinity and our relationship» and more «I don’t give a damn», he probably doesn’t give a damn about YOU.
  • His way with other girls.
    Have you ever noticed how he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend when you run into other girls? Maybe he doesn’t even introduce you at all! Fuckboy’s probably hooking up with them or at least trying to get them on the hook, and showing you off as his girl would ruin his game.
  • His overspecific explanations.
    When you ask him «What’s up?», does he give you an explanation with way too many details? If so, chances are he’s made most of them up to explain why he’s been ignoring you, often in favor of someone else. His explanation is intended to showcase how busy he’s been, which gets him off the hook for not calling or texting (It just takes two minutes!).
  • His social media.
    Are you on his Instagram or Snapchat? Are you in pictures together? Or, if he’s a fuckboy, he’s probably avoided taking pictures together, much less posting them. He may have a secured Instagram account, and he’ll likely remove himself from any pictures you tag him in. The last thing he wants is your face to dissuade the other girls who might think of social media stalking him.
  • His friends.
    What’s his male-friend to female-friend ratio? Are his friends other fuckboys like him? You can tell a lot about a guy by the company he keeps. If he’s in a pack of fuckboys, even one surrounded by other women, he’s going to use them to keep his secrets and help him screw around behind your back. Worse, if he doesn’t bring you around his friends, it means he’s likely got a girl or two in his friend circle that he’s either banging or working hard to bang.

One of these behaviors may be excusable, and two could be a coincidence. But if he’s got three or more of these things, it’s almost guaranteed that he’s a fuckboy just in it to use you until you wise up and kick his ass to the curb!