“You’re So Sratty!” – (Signs You Might Be a Srat Girl)


Fraternities, or «frats», are found at just about every university around the country. We’re all familiar with «frat boy» behavior, down to the macho posturing, the constant «Bro!»-ing that goes on, and the too-laid-back lifestyle.

There’s a newcomer to campus life: «srat» girls. You’ll find they have a lot in common with frat boys, and the term is definitely here to stay!

Srat Meaning

The Urban Dictionary defines srat as, «abbreviation for “sorority”, based on “frat,” the abbreviation for “fraternity”, has connotation of a bro-ey sorority, instead of air headed bimbos

The word can be used as an adjective, and you can say «That girl is totally sratty» or «SDSU is filled with sratty chicks».

As you can see, the term «srat» isn’t exactly complimentary. When you call a girl sratty, it’s usually with the same negative connotation as calling a guy a «frat guy». The term is typically used for someone who is more «bro» than «frat girl», who hangs with the dudes rather than with her sisters.


Signs You Might Be a Srat Girl

      1. You say your name and sorority in the same breath.
        You know how doctors introduce themselves as «Dr. John Smith»? Srat girls do the same with their names: «Mary Smith, Delta Beta Kappa!» If you throw in the sorority motto, it’s double proof that you’re totally a srat girl. But it’s not done as a girly thing, but more of a masculine-esque pride in your «crew».
      2. Shotgunning beer is your drink of choice.
        Screw appletinis or peach daiquiris—after all those drinking contests you’ve won in your sorority, the drink you’re most familiar with is beer, and the only way you know to drink it is shotgunning it with everyone chanting around you.
      3. You’ve been in more fist-fights than pillow fights.
        Part of being a srat is being tough as nails and never backing down from a fight, be it with another girl or a frat guy. You’ve got attitude for days and you’re willing to get a black eye or split lip to put someone in their place.girl-kick-man-fight
      4. You’re 200% more upbeat than most people.
        Yes, being in a sorority does require a bit more «school spirit» and cheer than people realize, but when you’re full-on overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, it’s a sign you’ve definitely drunk from the srat girl Kool-Aid.
      5. You know more about sports than your guy friends.
        Part of being a srat girl is being able to out-guy the frat guys you hang with, which usually involves a lot of sports (football is a prime choice). Depending on which sport your school is heavily into, you’ll be either a huge SuperBowl fanatic, a NBA Finals nerd, or a Stanley Cup champ. Your knowledge of sports rules and trivia will be impressive even to the frat guys you bro around with.
      6. Your «friends» aren’t really your friends.
        Yes, you and the other girls in your sorority are supposed to be friends, but more often than not your interactions sound like they’re ripped out of a high school or college movie, down to the biting remarks and snippy comments. Instead, you spend more time hanging out with the frat guys because there’s way less drama.
      7. Your clothing.
        Flower crows, tutus, and dresses are for sorority girls—you’re all about the sports jerseys, jeans, and Converse All-Stars. You wouldn’t be caught dead in heels, and your closet has exactly one dress because your mother forces you to bring it with you.


Being a srat girl basically means being «one of the guys», bro-ing down with the dudes rather than spending time with your sorority sisters. Then again, who says that’s a bad thing?