I’m Schmacked College Parties – (Student WARNING)


Drinking, partying, and other «extra-legal substances» are pretty standard fare for college life. In fact, it’s all part of the college experience!

After living at home for years, many young people feel the need to stretch their wings, try new things, and see all that life has to offer. For most, that involves celebrating life, love, and freedom—and what better way to do that than partying?

I’m Schmacked is a great option for those who want to learn the ins and outs of college partying before they ever get there. Just be careful that an instructional video doesn’t become the evidence that stops you from getting hired!

What is I’m Schmacked?


I’m Schmacked is a brand started by two students, Arya Toufanian and Jeffrie Ray, as a means of showing off the sort of antics college students can get up to at their parties.

Founded first as a YouTube Channel (and now extending to merchandise), I’m Schmacked offers outsiders a glimpse into the life of a college partygoer.

The videos posted on the YouTube Channel show what parties and events are like at dozens of schools around the country, giving prospective attendees a chance to see what they can expect from the college they’re attending.

I’m Schmacked Offers a Glimpse Into Reality


It’s no secret that parties are a huge part of what makes the college experience fun for students. It’s a chance to cut loose, kick back, and celebrate the life of a student about to take their first steps into the world of professionals.

The I’m Schmacked videos help both male and female students to see what to expect not only from the school they’re attending, but also the colleges where they visit friends. The videos can provide a glimpse into the social scene, and it can give prospective students a better idea of what campus life is all about.

Many students have been able to make decisions to attend or not attend certain colleges thanks to these videos. One sophomore said, «I was thinking about transferring (to a certain school) and after seeing the I’m Schmacked videos, it actually helped me make my decision. I didn’t base my decision completely on that, but seeing the parties gave me a better understanding of what the school would be like outside of class.”

This can be a great way for college students to get excited about potential schools, or to see that a school might not be the best choice for them. While it’s not the only factor to take into account, it’s one of the factors that can help students make the right decision.

The Dangers of I’m Schmacked

Unfortunately, for the students filmed in the I’m Schmacked videos, there will always be permanent evidence of immature behavior.

Think about what would happen if, a few years down the line, you are denied your dream job because your employer did a bit of research and found your face all over the I’m Schmacked videos. How many professionals will want to hire someone that spent their college years drinking, partying, and taking drugs?

The chances of this happening may be slim, but with the internet, there is no such thing as «buried completely». Even if you believe the videos are deleted from the I’m Schmacked YouTube Channel (not very likely to happen), there’s always the risk that they are shared or posted somewhere else.

That’s the sort of evidence you’d rather people not see!

The I’m Schmacked videos can also give a very distorted view of what a college or university is truly like. Parties are just one element of the college experience, but basing your decision entirely on a «gone wild» video you saw on YouTube can have long-term negative effects on your education and career.

There is also the risk that the I’m Schmacked videos promote a dangerous culture of partying, risk-taking, and unsafe behavior. A number of the videos had a very disrespectful tone, glorifying the mistreatment of women and fostering the attitude of women as sexual conquests or objects of desire.


Whatever the origin of I’m Schmacked, there is no denying that it has become a staple of college and student life. The videos can help you to have a good idea of what to expect from the party life at a college, but if you’re not careful, they can lead down some dangerous paths—with potential long-term consequences.

Like so much of the rest of the entertainment available online, it’s vital that you are aware of both the pros and cons of the I’m Schmacked videos so you can be smart with your use of them. And, just in case, you can avoid losing a job down the line because of a decision you made while in college!