How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – (13 Clear Signs He’s Into You)


It’s never easy, is it? Maybe he’s sending all the right signals—a little smile, a few flirtatious texts, extra attention—but you can’t really be sure about him because he does the same with other girls too.

If you find yourself thinking «Does he like me?», you may not be sure how to answer that question. It’s not always easy to know how to tell if a guy likes you, but there are a few signs he likes you to watch out for. We’ve come up with a few of his «tells» that will make his feelings for you clear:

1. He asks you questions… a LOT of them.

One of the best ways how to know if a guy likes you is if he asks you questions. He’s trying to find common ground with you, and using anything he can to keep the conversation going as long as possible. Asking questions gets you to talk about yourself, which will keep you engaged for longer. Endless questions are his way of trying to get to know you better.

2. His smile.

There are dozens of different types of smiles, so it can be hard to know whether or not your crush likes you just by the way he smiles. Look at his face every time he sees you. Does it light up? Does he break into a big smile when you come into the room? Even if he’s shy, his facial expressions will be a clear signal of how he feels about you.

3. He got your number.

For a lot of guys, this is their «Step 1» to asking you out for real. He may not be a total charmer, but at least he got up the pluck to ask for your digits. That’s a pretty clear sign he’s into you.

4. Social media connections.

If you get requests to become friends on Facebook, he starts following you on Twitter or Snapchat, and he likes your images on Instagram, it’s a pretty clear sign he’s into you. If he comments or messages you regularly, it’s even clearer. His social media behavior is a good indicator of his attraction to you.

5. The big Q.

No, not «Will you marry me?»–that comes much later. In this case, the big question is «Do you have a boyfriend?» or «Are you in a relationship?» If he asks either of these, it usually means that he is really into you and wants to know if you are available.

6. His memory for details.

The average guy is terrible at remembering details—unless, of course, it’s something about the girl they’re into. Guys who are crushing on you tend to remember all the little details: your favorite foods, happy memories, places you enjoyed spending time, your hobbies and interests, and so much more. It’s just the way the male brain works when they’re interested in you!

7. Physical contact.

A big part of attraction and connection is physical contact, the touch of skin to skin. If he finds excuses to touch you—your hand, your arm, your shoulder, your leg, even your midsection—it’s a pretty clear sign that he’s attracted to you. It’s his way of initiating the emotional connection via a physical bond.

8. His eyes don’t wander.

When a guy likes a girl, she often becomes his sole focus. Even the biggest player can become a one-girl guy, if it’s the right girl and his feelings are real (as evidenced by every romantic comedy ever). If he stops looking at other girls and his eyes are only on you, that’s a pretty clear sign of how he feels.

9. His phone stays in his pocket.

Smartphones are life for most of us, which is why we always have them in our hands ready to check out the latest text or notification. For the guy who likes you, however, his phone is far less interesting than you are. His phone is going to stay out of sight so he can focus on you without distractions.

10. He’s helpful.handyman-help

Guys tend to be particularly helpful when they think it will make a good impression on their romantic interest. Don’t take that to mean he’s manipulating you by offering his help; it’s just something he knows he can do to show you how he feels. He’ll be there if you need a ride, someone to walk you home from class, or a gym buddy. His availability and helpfulness make it obvious he enjoys spending time with you.

11. Genuine compliments.

Some guys are good at paying all their friends compliments, but for most guys, compliments only come out when they’re trying to show someone they’re attracted. His compliments will often be genuine and sincere, and he may even try to get creative with the nice things he says.

12. He sees YOU.

For many guys, physical features are the first and only thing they notice, which is why so many guys stare at your boobs or butt. But for the guy who legit likes you, he’ll look at your face and actually see you rather than just your physical attributes. After all, he’s more attracted to who you are than how you look.

13. He talks about his future.

Guys aren’t usually forward thinkers or planners, and they tend to be very hesitant about sharing any plans they have with someone unless they’re sure they can trust them. If he starts talking to you about his plans for the future—his dream career, his academic endeavors, what he plans to do after graduation, etc.—it’s a pretty clear sign that he wants to trust you because he likes you.


While there is no «one size fits all» approach to telling if a guy is crushing on you, the signs above will make it pretty clear that he’s into you. It’s up to you to give him the signals he’s looking for so he can ask you out—or, ask him out first. He’s into you, so it’s time to get this romance train moving!